SSF Interiors is a young and energetic team of people linked by passion to create beautiful and unique spaces. We like contrasts and contrasts define us. Order and disorder, tranquility and a touch of frenzy …fire and water J - we always try to harness them to compose the interior in a method that would allow us to achieve a specific balance between them. At the same time we do not forget about ergonomics and functionality. We are experienced at designing interiors for homes and institutions. Our study is a part of customized furniture factory (, which enables us to approach Customer service in a more comprehensive way. We will guide you through all the project stages and taking care about the correct investment progress.

Depending on your needs, we will prepare for you:

  • the conceptual design
  • 3D visualisations of the interiors
  • workshop drawings
  • assistance with your shopping
  • recommendation of our trusted contractors and suppliers as well as monitoring of the work progress at your option
  • cleaning after our own and others’ work

The conceptual design – detailed design of interior adapted to your needs, lifestyle and habits.

  • interior stock taking
  • 4-6 functional variants of the interior (in the form of a plan view) presenting the optimum layout of the partition walls and furniture in the apartment,
  • complete set of engineering drawings made in virtue of selected idea, including:
  • detailed views of specific interiors (with dimensions) containing fitting elements (G-K walls) and furnishing, wall colour range.
  • kitchen furniture design with dimensions and necessary extensions of bathrooms, toilet and other interior walls with detailed layout of cladding, description of the type and colour range of the materials used)
  • floor (including selection of materials and colour range) and ceiling design
  • detailed design of furniture and furnishings (built-in wardrobes, bathroom cabinets – detailed engineering drawings)
  • water-sewage system design (if necessary)
  • electrical system design (distribution of lights, switches, sockets, telecommunication cable ducts, basic audio system, etc.)
  • for each interior – bills of quantities of finishing materials needed and implementation description for the contractor’s team,
  • assistance at shopping furnishing elements and accessories (fittings, ceramics, lamps or furniture woodwork, etc.)
  • 3D visualisations (several photo shots of each interior designed)

Price: PLN -/m2 of the space designed

Executive design including engineer’s supervision

The entire scope of the executive design will include engineer’s supervision over the investment process. Upon start of the implementation works on Site we shall start to cooperate with the contractor’s team as part of the engineer’s supervision.

  • controlling the conformity of the works in progress with the design and workmanship quality
  • solving the possible problems and clarification of doubts
  • commissioning the works

Throughout the works duration I will certainly be ready to help you.

Price: from 150% of the executive design value PLN/m2

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